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1st Wine & Food Pairing, 20th of February 2022

1st Wine & Food Pairing, 20th of February 2022

Wine & Food Pairing

Red Aged Wines of Peloponnese

Notre Maison Restaurant, Gialova, Messenia, Greece

Sunday, 20th of February 2022 (Start time 13.00)

Notre Maison restaurant organizes a wine tasting event combining food specialties with unique old red wines from Peloponnese region. We have selected 3 aged wines

from the best wineries of Greece. The head person of this event is Ioanna Davleri, a wine and taste expert from the Corinthian Wine Club www.ioannadavleri.gr

Part 1: Introduction

Salad with green vegetables, caramelized wild mushrooms, seeds & nut

Velvet Soup (parsnips, vegetables and ginger)

We will open a fresh white wine, Lydia 2020, Koukos Winery, after all Spring time is coming

Part 2: Main dishes & selected aged red wines

Duck with apricots & wild mushroom trilogy

Beef stew with red pumpkin & plums

Nemea Reserve 2008, Anagenisi Estate

Terra Leone Syrah 2006, Palyvos Estate

Petit Verdot 2005, Papaioanou Estate

Part 3: Dessert

Handmade chocolate bittersweet cake with bilberry, Coffee espresso – cappuccino Lavazza

Limited seats are available. Participation Cost 60 € / person

Main dishes are for 2 persons, Salad is for 4 persons, Soup in a glass for one person

Make your bookings at the telephone +30 6987 249 565


In an old stone house that ‘rests’ in the bay of Navarino, Pavlou’s family from 2020 came and gave him ‘life’, transformed its original form into a unique restaurant. This fully justifies the name ‘Notre Maison’ which means ‘Our Home’.

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